Entrepreneurs, Innovation and Monopoly with Peter Thiel 17 chapter

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  • 1

    Cap Digital hosts Peter Thiel

  • 2

    Who is Peter Thiel?

  • 3

    How to become an entrepreneur? There's no formula!

  • 4

    What are the advantages of a monopoly?

  • 5

    Why don't we think about monopoly as much as we should?

  • 6

    What are the trends for the future of technology?

  • 7

    To what extent globalization and innovation progress are key for the 21st century?

  • 8

    On Peter Thiel's own experience in Europe

  • 9

    What is Peter Thiel's view on both political and business environment in Europe?

  • 10

    What are Peter Thiel's best advices to entrepreneurs?

  • 11

    To what extent team building is key for developing a business?

  • 12

    What about Peter Thiel's other projects in innovation?

  • 13

    To what extent innovation is considered a top priority in France?

  • 14

    What was Pay Pal's strategy for customer acquisition?

  • 15

    To what extent the startup environment is not competitive, and how could we choose one monopoly from another?

  • 16

    What are the main challenges for payment companies?

  • 17

    How the current crisis could affect the Silicon Valley?